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Why Leaning In is Killing Us

I am forgoing my usual Weekend/Workout recap to talk about something I ran across on the internet today.

I loved this article.  In all fairness, I have yet to read Sheryl Sandberg’s book, mostly because the waiting list for it at the library is insanely long.  But I know a great number of people who have read it and I’ve discussed it enough to understand the basic concepts.  I see the point in what she says, but I think this article better articulates what the real problems are.

I am so ready to recline, and I wish that didn’t sound lazy.  I am all for working late when you absolutely need to work late.  However, I think if you absolutely need to work late all the time, either you are wasting a lot of time during the day or you have a serious management problem (ie you’re understaffed). Unfortunately, this is how a lot of places operate, and I’ve worked in those places and it sucks.

The other, sneakier, problem is the concept of “facetime”.  I don’t think I should have to be at work just because my boss is at work. I think that if I’m flexible enough with my personal time that I will work late when I need to, I should be able to be flexible with my work time as well, and if I have a slow day I should be able to leave early.  That’s all I mean by being ready to recline.  It doesn’t sound like a big shift, but in a lot of work environments it is. So I’m ready to start reclining, who’s with me?



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