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The Perfection Freeze


Oh hello again.  Yes, I dropped off the face of the earth there for a little while.  I was struggling a little bit with my blog vision and I fell into a common (to me) trap.  I like to call it the Perfection Freeze. I get scared or frustrated that things are not exactly as I want them to be. I convince myself that if things aren’t going to be exactly as I envision them, then they aren’t worth doing at all. I let the perfect become the enemy of the good, or the mediocre, or the anything really.

I know it’s ridiculous, that things rarely turn out exactly as we expected and most of the time that is a really great thing. I know the journey is generally more important than the destination. I know that nothing is ever really perfect. Basically I know I’m crazy and it’s something I am actively working on.

So I will continue to plug away at this.  I will not feel inadequate if I don’t have beautiful pictures, if I generally forget to take pictures, if I don’t have a new recipe every week, if I don’t post every Tuesday. It’s still worth trying and exploring if I find it interesting and valuable. No more letting the perfect paralyze me.


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