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Weekend and Workout Recap


This weekend was great, mostly because of the Olympics! I have already worn out the Hubs Olympic tolerance with the amount I watched this weekend.  Hopefully he’ll have a busy week so I can continue to overload on coverage.  My top 5 thoughts from this weekend’s viewing:

5. I used to think Ice Dancing was lame but obviously that was wrong because Meryl Davis and Charlie White are awesome.

4. Torah Bright, the Australian snowboarder is such a badass for doing all three events.  I hope she wins a gold to prove girls are better than boys (aka Shaun White).

3. The Skiathalon looked BRUTAL.  You know an event was rough when every single person collapses to the ground after the finish line. It also made me feel like I maybe should have been working out instead of sitting on the couch.


2. Will the figure skaters who were in the team competition all be doing the exact same programs in their individual events? If so, I feel like that will be a little anti-climactic.

1. Do the athletes have hair and make-up people? If they don’t I am super impressed with a lot of those skiing/snowboarding girls because I would look nowhere even close to that cute after coming off the slopes.

In non-Olympic weekend news, we went on our first real friend date on Friday night.  If you are unaware of what friend dating is then count yourself lucky, because you’ve probably never lived anywhere where you don’t know anyone.


Luckily, the “date” went well.  We went out for sushi with another couple, Hubs was friendly the guy at business school but didn’t know him well.  They were very nice and we didn’t have any awkward lags in conversation.  The girl even asked for my number as we were leaving the restaurant.  I haven’t dated in quite a while, but I feel like that was a good sign.

And now on to last week’s workouts:


Monday: Winter Shape Up Workout 2..this was another tough one.  Those Tabatas kick some serious ass.

Tuesday: Yoga, needed to stretch it out

Wednesday: Winter Shape Up Workout 2 again.  Was still super hard, I didn’t magically get into better shape (unfortunately)

Thursday: Off day, worked late

Friday: Off again because I worked late (yes on a Friday and yes it sucked)

Saturday: 1.65 mile outside run.  We did not have a lot of time to squeeze in anything more than that, but it was still good to get out in the finally warmer weather

Sunday: Hour long bike ride.  I feel like you never realize how hilly your neighborhood is until you a) bike it or b) try to drive on ice.  Turns out our neighborhood, and the neighboring neighborhood that we got lost in, are pretty darn hilly.  Our legs were toast by the time we finally made it home.

We have the possibility for another snow/ice day or two this week.  Fingers crossed! Although now that I typed it, it won’t happen.

Happy Monday!


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Weekend and Workout Recap

We had a fairly lowkey weekend, lots of  time relaxing at home which is always nice.  After work on Friday, I went to the gym for a quick run.  Younger, college age me would be appalled at that revelation.  Friday nights were for drinking and going out, or drinking and staying in, or vegging out with a movie/Lost marathon.  They were not for working out.  But now that I pretend to be a responsible adult, I find that I really enjoy a quick workout on Fridays.  I normally come home from work with a headache and some back pain, the wonderful side effects of sitting at a computer all day.  If traffic was particularly bad, I’m generally a little grumpy too.  Getting in a quick sweat session normally helps fix all of those things and puts me in a great mood for the rest of the night.  Sorry younger me, it’s the truth.

College me

College me, classy

After my run we met a friend out for dinner. We tried a new Mexican restaurant and it was surprisingly good.  Growing up in Arizona gave me extremely high standards for Mexican food, so I am generally very disappointed when I try to eat it in other parts of the country.  But this place was a nice surprise.  They had margaritas made with lime juice, not mix, which is always a good sign.  The guac was good and they had several very yummy tacos.


Other than that we spent the weekend cleaning, relaxing, and watching the Seahawks dominate.  Side note: I was very disappointed by the commercials yet again this year.  The only ones I really liked were the Doritos time machine, the Coke American is beautiful, and the Budweiser puppy commercial, which was really only good because the puppy was so cute.

And here is a quick recap of last week’s workouts:


Monday:  Was still a little tired from whatever bug I had over the weekend, so it was just a quick yoga dvd.  I love this one, but I have to admit it’s more stretching than it is yoga.  I still like it though, I can tell it is starting to improve my flexibility, especially in my standing forward bend (I can now touch the floor!) and my one legged seated forward bends (I can reach past my toes!).  It also at least gets me up and moving when I’m having a really low energy day.  Always a plus.

Tuesday:  My first Winter Shape Up workout.  I did the week one workout and holy crap was it hard.  Gina is amazing. The workout was really hard but efficient, only 25 minutes, which I loved after a 10 hour work day.

Wednesday: Did Winter Shape Up workout 1 again.  I now know you aren’t supposed to do it 2 days in a row and I can see why.  I died.

Thursday: Yoga dvd again to recover

Friday: 2.5 mile treadmill run (I’m slowly getting back on the horse after my treadmill fail and I broke the 2 mil barrier!)

Saturday: Off but did a lot of incidental cleaning and walking

Sunday: 1.85 mile hilly outdoor run

Hopefully this week will contain more of the same.  Happy Monday!

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The Treadmill Incident

So I fell off the treadmill the other day.  Super smooth, I know.  I happen to be a fairly klutzy person in general life (corners, walls, and the ground all tend to jump out at me), but I have never had any coordination problems when it comes to sporting activities. Because if my affinity for athletics, it never really occurred to me that I could actually fall off the treadmill.  I always thought that only happened to people who were old, severely uncoordinated, or idiotic enough to attempt things like this.  Apparently I was wrong and it also happens to people who watch E! News updates about the Royal baby on the TV on the other side of the room.  Lesson learned, although part of me blames the treadmill.  I mean seriously, doesn’t it just look like a deathtrap?

2013-08-09 11.59.27

The fall gave me some pretty nasty burns on my knees and thumb.  It was NOT fun trying to clean those up, particularly with Hubs trying not to throw up in the corner the whole time.  Injuries have never been his thing.  I hobbled around with some serious bandages for a few days. I even went to several job interviews with them, which was super fun and not awkward at all.  I’m finally bandage free but the knees still look pretty rough.

Btdubs, it is not easy to take an attractive picture of your own knees

Btdubs, it is not easy to take an attractive picture of your own knees

My madre suggested I pick up some Vitamin E Oil to help reduce the scarring, so we’ll see how that goes.  The oil doesn’t absorb into my skin very well so I have to be careful about when I put it on.  Oily stains on pant knees are not attractive.

2013-08-08 16.47.11-1

I have only been back on the treadmill once since the incident and I thought about falling the entire time I was running.  FYI thinking about falling on a treadmill does not make it easier to stay on it.  Thankfully, I didn’t fall again, but I did wear that cool safety wristband thing for the first time in my life.  It made me feel old.  I think I’ll stick with running outside for the near future, now if only the weather would cooperate…

PS. That link sent me down a YouTube rabbit hole.  How could I not click on the ‘Kids Eating Warhead Candies for the First Time’ link? YouTube is dangerous.

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