I know, it’s been forever. Apparently the New Year makes me interested in blogging again. Returning to work after vacation, even if it’s just a three day weekend, is always hard for me.   Coming back from 2 weeks of vacation/working from home is brutal. It makes me wish I could just work from home all the time and it makes me wish I did something I found at least a little interesting. Hence blogging.

This year that desire was multiplied ten-fold by reading Jessica’s first pregnancy post. Side note, I am obsessed with reading people’s pregnancy/birth stories. It’s what actually got me started reading blogs in the first place. I don’t know many people who have had kids, plus I feel like I want to know way more details than most people would share face to face, so the blog stories were a great way to me to learn what everything is really like.

Unfortunately, that has also made me completely freaked out about being pregnant with an office job. What are you supposed to do if you have crazy morning sickness but an 8 am meeting and you aren’t far enough along to tell people you’re pregnant yet? What if you have to puke in the middle of a meeting? These are the things that worry me. I’m convinced that I will be sick, because if there is a possibility of getting sick for almost anything, I will be sick. But back to Jessica, she was talking about how she was sick and just sat on the couch or in the bed and watched lots of tv and read books and I man did that sound like the right way to be pregnant to me. Way better than being stuck at my desk tired and nauseous. So back to blogging, not that this blog will be anything like that blog in time for me to actually get pregnant, but one can dream right?


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