30 Cleanish Update


So I’m almost a week into my 30 Clean at this point and I think it’s going fairly well. I even just declined an amazing looking cupcake for a co-worker’s birthday (cinnamon swirl, swoon).  Although I did grab one at first because the sight of delicious cupcakes made me temporarily forget I wasn’t supposed to be eating them. Cupcakes are sneaky like that.  But then I remembered and dutifully put it back.  Go me.

I’ve only had one cheat so far, which I’m not super proud of but oh well. I had a few beers on Friday night, but I feel like it only ½ counts because technically I drank gluten, I didn’t eat it. We went to a casual seafood place for dinner with friends and it was definitely the type of place where you should only be ordering beer; checkered tablecloths on picnic tables and big baskets of fried fish and fries. I did not give in to the fried fish (a win that I feel like also helps mitigate the beer), I had a grilled salmon BLT without the bread.

In general, this has definitely made me more aware of my food choices, which really is the main point for me. I had been getting a little lazy with everything because of all of our traveling and this is really helping me get out of that rut. Rather than a tuna sandwich for lunch this weekend, I had tuna over a spinach, tomato, and avocado salad. I made the Fitnessista’s mashed cauliflower as a side for the week. Small changes really but they matter.

I thought I would have a real problem cutting out cheese, because for me it’s its own food group, but it really hasn’t been bad. I’ve even had two meals where I would normally consider cheese essential, tacos and an omelet, and didn’t miss it at all.

However, I have been seriously craving baked goods. I mean really, really craving, which is weird because I wasn’t eating many baked goods before the challenge. I think it’s something about finally being home and having time to bake coupled with the monthly monster visit.  I can’t wait until I can have a big, gooey chocolate chip cookie. I guess it’s a bit counterproductive to already be planning how I’m going to break the challenge when it’s over, but whatever.  It’s making me realize that I couldn’t go completely gluten/sugar free without a better reason than just losing weight/ being healthier. I just can’t convince myself that the occasional cookie (or cake, or chocolate, or any baked good really) isn’t worth it, but hopefully this challenge will help me to focus on eating better overall to help mitigate when the cravings strike.



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