The 30 Clean-ish



I’ve discovered that writing a blog is one of those things that seems super easy, but in practice isn’t. Sometimes I just don’t have time and a lot of times I’m not sure what to say. But I’d like to try to get recommitted, so here we go.

After a summer chocked full of mini travels, I am definitely feeling the vacation bloat/extra poundage and my IBS has kicked back into full gear. Nothing worse than your stomach letting you know it’s terribly unhappy with you. In an attempt to get everything back on track I decided to do my own version of the 30 Clean. The 30 Clean is where you commit to eating clean, so no gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine, or processed foods, for 30 days. In order to do the real 30 Clean you have to pay to sign up for the group. That seemed dumb to me, so I’m doing my own.

I’ve also tweaked the rules for myself a little bit. First, I’m only doing 18 days, not 30. My parents are coming to visit for Labor day and we are all road tripping over to Ashville for the weekend and I know I’m not going to last through that without cheating so why bother?

Second, I’m allowing myself a small dairy cheat. Greek yogurt will still be allowed for breakfast, because I can’t think of another gluten/dairy free option that’s fast and doesn’t involve cooking. I’ll put some effort into figuring that out this weekend, but if I don’t greek yogurt is in. I’m also allowing a teaspoon of goat cheese on my dinner salad at night, because it makes it taste better and you can only eat so many avocados a day.

And finally (this is starting to seem like more cheating than I originally thought now that I’m writing it down), this week I’m allowed to eat Grapenuts and store-bought corn tortillas. We got back into town super late on Sunday night, so there was no chance for any weekend prep work to get through this week. That means a small amount of processed food just had to get in. But next week they will be out I swear!

Wish me luck, we’ll see how it goes!


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