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As you will discover, I love to read.  I can happily spend an entire day absorbed in the worlds that are created within the pages of a good book.  Or even a mediocre book if I’m being honest.  My latest read was a recommendation from my father-in-law and man, was it good.


Mr. Churchill’s Secretary is a mash-up of several of my favorite things: a strong and likeable female lead, murder and mystery, and historical fiction.  The book is set in London in 1940 just as World War II is crashing down around Great Britain.  The heroine, Maggie Hope, becomes a typist for the newly elected Winston Churchill after her gender disqualifies her from serving as a codebreaker for British Intelligence.  Maggie uses her quick wit and intelligence to navigate the increasing dangerous environment she now finds herself in.

The book is well written with believable characters and sneaky plot twists.  It turns out the book is actually the first in a series of four; I always love when that happens with books I enjoy.  Thankfully though, this book stands on its own, no annoying cliffhangers or cut-offs to drag you into the next book.  I’ve already started the second one and I can attest that so far it’s just as good as the first.  Hope you enjoy!


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